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Star Power
Vera Chervin
Dan Rather
Rana Sebai
back Jeanne Pickens
Charliene Fry
Coletta Fry
Jennifer Lee
Coletta Fry
Dan Rather
Charlene Fry
  middle Jayme Donlon
Katie Donlon
Vera Chervin
Rana Sebai
  front Lindsay Rubenstein
Lori Lee
Lindsay Craig
Karlie Donlon
Dan Rather visits Rochester for the Rochester Ad Council's Annual Luncheon.
MTF, LLC models acted as hostesses for the afternoon.

Models Alex Rijos and L. Rashad Atkins play the band members
for Mandy Moore's music video "Drop The Pilot".
Lindsay Ann Rubenstein, Team Cheer's Covergirl and
one of American Cheerleader Magazine's 10 Outstanding Cheerleaders.
Handsome escort and model Jim Ward with a bevy of beauties volunteering for The United Way's "Atire to Inspire" fashion show and Fund-Raiser.

top, from left to right:    Alexa Piccinino, Jennifer Robb, Juronica Williams, Annette Kendrick, Phyllis La Fontaine, Sharon Berner, Simone, Lynn Lombardo, Beth Campagno, Brianna Wing, Maggie Martin, Jessica Land-Darrisaw, Rachel Berner, Mary Wing, Lisa Twombly, Ella Darrisaw, Vera Chervin, Rana Sebai, Jennifer Lee, Jim Ward, Cheryl Downer.  
below the group: Mary Therese Friel, with Jennifer Lee  

Morgan Riley appears on Eastman Kodak's website as a Ballerina and a Model Teen.
She also appeared in Teen People, Teen Vogue & Seventeen Magazines.


Simone in The Big Apple! Our beautiful model Simone visited New York City and met with
Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer. She took in the sights of Time's Square and shared
a moment with MTV.

Models for Mary Therese Friel, LLC enjoy a models shoot with world-renowned photographer
and Kodak Ambassador, Neil Montanus.

MC Hammer was in town for the VH1 Save The Music Presentation and Ad Council Conference.
Here Mary Therese and Kent Friel present him with a promotional piece, featuring their models.

A dozen MTF models contributed their time to help out at the
Children's Institute, in conjunction with the Ad Council.

Congratulations Mary Therese Friel, Miss USA 1979, on the 50th Anniversary of the
Miss USA Pageant.
The event was held in Gary, Indiana.

1. The Miss Universe Organization brought us together (the former Miss USA's) for a 50th Anniversary Celebration. Here we are at an Alumni Meeting.

Charlotte Sheffield '57
Marite Ozers '63
Bobbi Johnson (Kauffman) '64
Cheryl-Ann Patton '67
Tanya Wilson (Condello) '72
Summer Bartholomew '75
Barbara Peterson (Burwell) '76
Kimberly Tomes '77
Mary Therese Friel '79
Christy Fichtner '86
Gretchen Polhemus (Jensen) '89
Carole Gist (Stramler) '90
Francis Louise (Lu) Parker '94

2. The city of Gary, Indiana hosted the Miss USA Pageant. There was a press conference held in our honor. Here we are with the local dignitaries.

3. The Mayor of Gary, and his wife were the most wonderful hosts!

4. Pictured here with Kent and Myself, is Actress, Judy Carmen on the left (Gladiator, What Women Want, The Fugitive, Dragonfly) and Actress/Singer, Crystal on the right (ER, The Visitors).

5. The shows' co-hostess, Vanessa Minnillo, was lovely and witty.

6. Tommy Davidson was also great as the shows' co-host. He was such a trip!

7. What a happy reunion - there is Frank Sweeney and me (he was the Vice President of Miss Universe, Inc. the year I was Miss USA) what a good friend and confidant. Thanks Frank!
8. You may recognize the first judge, Ernie Hudson from Ghost Busters, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle and The Crow. What a super guy!

9. Doris Roberts was a doll! You can see her staring in Everybody Loves Raymond.

10. Daniel Baldwin has to his credits; Born On The Fourth Of July and Family Ties.

11. It was very nice of Donald Trump to invite us to this years' pageant. He is the Co-Owner, along with CBS, of the Miss Universe Organization.

12. Next is the handsome and charismatic Co-President of Miss Universe, Tony Santomauro. He made us all feel very welcome and at home during our stay.

13. We were invited to a lovely "meet and greet" dinner upon our arrival. Everything was beautiful and the media made us all feel like queens, all over again. (Check out the life size poster behind us!)

14. I think this is one of my favorite pictures; I call it "Then and Now!"

15. I have always loved doing volunteer work. Here I am with Lynette Cole (Miss USA 2000) at the Memorial Hospital visiting a cancer survivor and her doctor.

16. /17. I loved the interviews! Everyone made us feel so special. It was just like the old days. I spoke to reporters from all over the country.

Miss Universe has the absolute greatest staff!
They made us feel so welcome and comfortable.
Thank you everyone!

18.Samm Johnson (Administrator) and Mary Hilliard McMillan (Manager, Public Relations)

19. Erin Hewitt (Administrator), Theresa A. Beyer (Vice President, Marketing) and Jessica Feder (Marketing Assistant)

20. Susie Dicker (Public Relations Supervisor)

21. There she is, beautiful and sweet, as can be, Kandace Krueger, Miss USA 2001 from Texas.

22. The host of the event was William Shatner - best remembered for Star Trek, T.J. Hooker, Rescue 911, and most recently for Miss Congeniality!

23. We were sad to leave Gary, Indiana. They sure know how to put on a party! We'll be back next year!
Mary Therese Friel, (AKA Cinderella) and Kent Friel, (AKA Prince Charming)
enchanted the students of Gananda during "Let's Read" week. The students were
warm and receptive and the Friels enjoyed every minute of their performance.

Kent and Mary Therese Friel appeared before a crowd of Girl Scouts, taking the time to talk to them about the importance of self esteem & show them some modeling moves. The girls were adorable and caught on very quickly. Kim Barrett, the coordinator, was a charming hostess.

Congratulations Mary Therese Friel, Miss USA 1979, on the 50th Anniversary of the
Miss NY USA Pageant.

Pictured on the left, Mary Therese and her husband and business partner Kent, at the event.

Pictured here (on right) Mary Therese Friel (Miss USA '79) with 4 of the past title holders and the two newly crowned winners at the 50th Anniversary celebration held recently at the Albany Omni Hotel Thanksgiving weekend. Sanders and Association, Inc. put on the event. It was quite a grand event! The former Miss New York's who attended were (left to right): Ramona Reuter, Wendy Marie Mock, Christine Beachak and Linnea Mancini. Seated in front are Miss New York Teen USA (on left) Gloria Almonte and Miss New York USA (on right) Lisa Pavlakis.

These photos are of the
St. Louis Youth Group, a wonderful team of young
people portraying the
"Living Stations" during the Lenten season.

Photos by Linda Martin

These selfless teens brought joy and meaning to the Easter season.

Kent and I really enjoyed working with the teens, what a great group!


Matt Rooney, Alison Lanni, Audrey Smerbeck, Matt Payne, John Spiggle, Charlie Thompson, Jonah Patel, Mike Kelly, Megan Hogan, Chris Wagner, Elizabeth Lanni, Caitlin Wagner, Caitlin Hill, Caroline Wheelan, Claire Spiggle, Lisa Carpenter, Ashley Graham, Molly Hogan, Erin Farrell
Mary Therese seen here with popular radio personality Brother Wease from WCMF. A troop of local Girl Scouts stops over to see MTF for some tips and story telling.
Local TV personality and all around good guy-Channel 13's Stan Munro takes the
MTF, LLC challenge-
Be a model for a day!
Mary Therese and Kent Friel here with three newly appointed Goodwill Ambassadors, Treasure Horn, Carrie Linchan, and JEM at the Valentines & Shamrocks Parade
kick-off party.
A special guest stops by to bestow a little "Luck of the Irish", Leprechaun, John Patrick Sullivan, at the event.

Congratulations to all Mary Therese Friel, LLC models/talent who participated in the new movie "After Image" Released by Mirimax Pictures Nov. 03' on DVD formerly "Seeing in the Dark." It stars rock and roll star John Mellencamp, Martin Sheen (The West Wing) and Louise Fletcher (One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest.) The film, now at the Sundance Film Festival (in Utah) It is headed down to the Cannes Film Festival in France this summer and is being considered for distribution. The producer, John Cocca, the director, Robert Manganelli and the financier, Chris Nakis, are to be applauded for their dedication and hard work. Others who contributed include: Robert Manieri, Father Dennis Shaw, and Dave Wedo, from St. Michael's Church (which hosted a portion of the movies' filming).

Kristin Royal
child star


Taylor Nichols
child star

"Drowning victim"

Erica Calman
child star

"Drowning victim"


Frank Beretta
(replaced Robert Forster)

"Sergeant Cooper"

Madeleine Kendall Blish
stand in for star



"Key Assistant"

Extra "After Image" Roles:

Nicole Royal

Shane Rauber

Colleen Valerio

Jim Ward

Bob Twomey

Dave Davin

Deb Davin

Jonathan Rodgers

James Millet

Jeff Hsiao

Yvette and Hunter Burri

Jessieka Soto

Besayda Soto

Gina Roberti

Adria Roberti

Soraida Alvarado

Joanna Kane

Tom Maley

Eric Franklin

Jim Melito

Patti Bowen

Debbie Smola

Julie Campbell

Phyllis LaFontaine

Maxwell Rick

Amanda Haas

Gregory Haas

Bruce Rapp

Tracy Jejna

Jerry Wilson

Cynthia Kilby

Joe Morganti

Chris Redman


Congratulations Melissa, MTF, LLC model and NYC actress! Melissa has just completed her 3rd appearance on the ABC soap opera One Life To Live! Way to Go!
Congratulations Jeff and Brett Charneski!

The two brothers, ages 15 and 11 play "Curt" in the new movie, "Checkout" which was filmed right here in Rochester, NY by Two Marks Productions, Inc. Both the boys are good students and their parents, David and Marilyn are very proud of them. The boys enjoy TaeKwonDo, baseball and sketching in their spare time. Jeff excels in football, and Brett in Basketball.
The movie was released again in Fall 03'.

Other MTF, LLC models/talent who participated are:

Jim Melito

Soraida Alvarado

Steve Kane

Joanna Kane

Karen Gruendike

Besayda Soto

Jim Ward

Bob Twomey


Brian Winters

Nicole Livingston

Michael Thorne

Jessica IsaacMazza

Teri Henwood

Tracy Jejna

Melissa Cipollone

Meridee Spano

Melissa Faeth

Colleen Valerio

Stephanie Vanderlinde

Shannon Boland

Margaret McCarthy

Eddy Everts

Matt Turrie

Eric Marks

Al Riccardi

Robert Smart

Walter Tasbas

Rodney Olson

Jerry Wilson

Yvette Burri

Tom Maley

Robyn Avery

Jeanne Harrod

Brian Harrod

James Barry

Sheila Williams

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