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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions:


We have been asked many times, “What is The Goodwill Ambassador?” We hope that the following information will answer any questions that you may have. Please feel free to email us to request any additional information or to ask questions that may not have been addressed here.



  • What are the qualities of a Goodwill Ambassador?
    • Goodwill Ambassadors are young people (ladies and gentleman), who make a difference in their communities and the world by volunteering their time, energy and talents to help others. They proudly wear the sash they win, as a symbol of their confidence, compassion and leadership abilities.


  • Who can enter the competition?
    • Any student (male or female) who is currently enrolled in grades 5 through 12, are eligible to participate.
    • The Junior competition is for students in grades 5th through 8th.
    • The Senior competition is for students in grades 9th through 12th.
    • Contestants must live within approximately 50 miles of Rochester , NY .
    • To enter, a complete application must be received by the deadline and include everything listed on the application form. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.
    • Applications can be downloaded and printed here. Please follow the instructions on the application form to apply.


  • I was in the competition previously, can I enter again?
    • Yes! We welcome and encourage past participants to participate again. However, past winners of the competition may not re-enter; unless they are a previous Junior winner who is now entering the Senior competition.


  • How do I prepare the best application possible?
    • Follow all of the directions.
    • Be as specific as possible.
    • Write a good essay.
    • Submit your application by the deadline.


  • What are the guidelines for the essay?
    • The topic is: I want to be The Goodwill Ambassador because…
    • The essay must be written by the contestant.
    • Your essay must not exceed 50 words.
    • Every word is counted, regardless of length.
    • A quotation may be used if the source is plainly identified (a footnote will not be part of the word count).
    • Your essay must be written in English.
    • A good essay should express why you want to be The Goodwill Ambassador; with clarity, efficiency and good mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.).
    • You must be honest, forthright and sincere.


  • How do I prepare for the competition?
    • Before the competition, think about the questions that are on the application form. This competition is a forum for contestants to express their beliefs, opinions and dreams.
    • The judges are looking for contestants to be themselves. It is important for you to be able to communicate what matters to you, and what you believe in. It is equally important to show the judges that you believe in yourself and that you can be a good leader! Focus on your positive qualities.
    • Practice standing with good posture and speaking in a clear and strong voice.
    • When you arrive at the competition, relax and have fun!


  • How are the contestants scored by the judges?
    • Each contestant will receive a score from each of the judges in all four categories: personality, poise, presentation and the ability to communicate effectively.
    • The scores are derived from:

      1. The contestant’s essay (reviewed by the judges on Friday night without the

          contestants needing to be present)

      2. A personal interview (with the judges on Saturday)

      3. The on stage presentation show (in front of the judges and audience on Sunday)

    • The winners of the Junior and Senior competitions will have the highest combined scores in each of their respective age groups.
    • The decisions of the judges will be final.


  • What do the winners receive?
    • Both the Junior and Senior Goodwill Ambassador winners receive scholarship money, prizes and special gifts. More importantly, they receive the opportunity to serve as positive role models in their communities. Throughout the year that each winner holds the Goodwill Ambassador title, they participate in important community events that utilize their talents as well as their abilities to effectively communicate their messages while positively leading and encouraging others. Most importantly, Goodwill Ambassadors will receive many opportunities to make a difference!


  • How much are the scholarship prizes?
    • Scholarship awards for the Junior and Senior winners, are based on the number of applicants participating in the competition.
    • Thanks to the generous sponsorship from Mary Therese Friel, LLC, The Goodwill Ambassador Scholarship Competition will award a guaranteed minimum of $1,000.00 in combined scholarship and special award prizes.


  • What other special awards can contestants win?
    • Individual awards will be presented in the following areas of excellence. These special awards include a cash prize and an official certificate.

• Mary Jean Tibbils Essay Award

   Granted to the contestant that exemplifies a thorough understanding of

   The Goodwill Ambassador’s role in society, demonstrated through the

   written word.

• James Ward Philanthropy & Volunteerism Award

   This honor is bestowed on the contestant that has demonstrated the strongest

   desire to make a difference in their community through their volunteer efforts.

• Lt. Col. Wilson A. Rapp Spirit Award

Given to the contestant with the most contagious spirit; the winner is chosen by the contestants.

• Candace Kuykendall Grace Award

Awarded to the young lady or gentleman who best displays grace, modesty, class and honor among their peers.

• Thomas L. Cox Courage Award

                         In the face of adversity or of a life changing situation, this contestant made of  

                         best of a tough and challenging situation, always looking on the bright side, this

                         recipient shows “courage under fire”.


  • What do contestants wear?
    • Saturday: white shirt or blouse, with black pants or skirt.
    • Sunday: your color choice, young professional attire (pants, shirt, tie, skirt, blouse, blazer, sweater, sport coat, suit, dress, etc.)


  • How long will the competition be?
    • The competition runs from 12:00 to 5:00 on both Saturday (including a personal interview) and Sunday (with an on stage interview, essay reading and stage presentation), as part of the program.
    • The preliminary competition will take place on Saturday and the final competition will be on Sunday.
    • The final competition is open to the public. You are welcome to invite your family and friends to watch the show (tickets are available the day of the show).
    • Please see the sample itinerary below for more specific details.


  • Where and how do spectators purchase tickets for the show?
    • Tickets for the show cost $5.00. Children 12 and younger are free. You can purchase tickets on the day of the show when you arrive, or you may call (585) 624-550 to purchase tickets and have them held in advance.
    • Discounted admission tickets to The Strong National Museum of Play will also be available for purchase on both Saturday and Sunday to the families of the contestants, when the contestants are checked in. Please note- museum admission is not required to participate in, or to watch, the competition.


  • What kind of security measures are in place?
    • Contestants’ safety and security are of the utmost importance to us. We have a strictly enforced closed door policy during the competition. All contestants must be checked in prior to the event by a parent or guardian and checked out in the same manner at the end of each day. Parents do not need to remain. They may leave the contestant in our care for the duration and return promptly for pickup. Contestants will be chaperoned during the entire competition for their own safety and security by our staff. No unauthorized people will be allowed to enter the theater for any reason, at any time.


  • Does The Goodwill Ambassador Scholarship Competition champion any particular charity or cause?
    • Goodwill Ambassadors donate their time and energy to benefit many charities and causes. The Goodwill Ambassador Organization does not limit or exclude any legitimate cause that can benefit from their assistance. Winners are encouraged to suggest causes that they have a real concern or passion for.


  • How often do The Goodwill Ambassadors get involved in volunteer opportunities?
    • The Goodwill Ambassador Junior and Senior representatives will each be involved in approximately 12 different functions during the year that they hold the title. The goal is for them to participate in at least one activity per month that does not take away from their primary commitments to their families and friends, educational commitments, activities of choice, hobbies, sports, etc. The dates and times of these events will be mutually agreed upon.
    • The contestants must be available to serve as the titleholder, should they be appointed the winner. The schedule can be worked out to comply with the competition’s expectations and demands and the personal schedule of the winner. 


  • Why do contestants pay an entry fee?
    • The entry fee is used to fund the scholarship awards, as well as the many Goodwill Ambassador activities organized throughout the year.
    • Contestants may seek sponsorship to cover the cost of the entry fee. Local businesses, clubs, organizations and even family and friends, may be a good place to start if you are looking for sponsorship sources. Or you may sponsor yourself!


  • How is the program financially supported?
    • Mary Therese Friel, LLC maintains the primary responsibility of supporting The Goodwill Ambassador Scholarship Competition. Program funding is supplemented by contestant entry fees, as well as private and corporate contributions.


Sample Competition Itinerary:

Saturday       12:00             Contestants prompt Arrival & Check-In

            12:15             Orientation with the Directors (MTF & KF)

            12:30               Rehearsal begins        

                                    - Presentation

                                    - Introductions

                                    - Stage Blocking & Movement

                                    - Simple Choreography for Show Opening

                                    Questions and Answers - Contestants with Staff & Directors                            

             2:00               Break for food & refreshments (bring a snack and drink)

              2:15                Contestant preparation time for the personal interview

  2:30                Personal Interviews with the judges

              3:30                Contestants Rehearsal:

                                    - Practice routine for the show opening and close

                                    - On stage interview questions preparation

  4:45                Final Details & Announcements for Sunday’s Competition

  5:00                Contestants check out and are picked up promptly


Sunday          12:00               Contestants prompt Arrival & Check-In

                       12:15               Rehearsal

- Full Show and Final Run-Through

  1:30                Break for food & refreshments

                         2:00              Theater is opened to the audience

  2:15                Contestants are in position for the show backstage

  2:30                Show Begins

  4:00               Announcement of Special Award Winners

  4:15                Announcement of The Goodwill Ambassador Jr. and Sr.

as well as their Runners-Up

  4:45                Show Ends

  5:00                Contestants check out and are picked up

Winners & Runners-Up are asked to remain afterwards


*Additional information will be sent out to all accepted applicants.*


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